Seahawks seek Redemption Sunday

It’s redemption time for Jamal Adams and the Seattle Seahawks when they host the New York Jets this Sunday. The tension will be high between Jamal Adams and his former team and I expect him to put on a blood-bath of a show. The Seahawks traded the Jets for a first-round pick in 2021 and a third-round pick in 2021 in exchange for Adams and a fourth-round pick in 2022 this offseason. The tension between the Jets and Adams had been brewing for months and tipped the scale after Adams interviewed with the New York Daily News back in July. Adams blasted Jets head coach Adam Gase saying Gase “isn’t the right leader” to help N.Y “reach the Promised Land.” With the Jets zero for everything record this season, Gase seems to have gallivanted in the opposite direction of the promised land.

Prepare yourself Sam Darnold there will be a target on your back Sunday and Adams will be gunning for you. Jamal Adams leads all NFL safeties with 7.5 sacks on the season, his career-high, and is merrily one sack away from beating Adrian Wilson’s single-season record by a safety of 8 in 2005. What better redemption would Jamal Adams ask for then to bet the record? Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was just fired and he is playing for an organization that wants to win.

Sam Darnold and the Jets had a heartbreaking loss last Sunday to the Las Vagus Raiders. What could have been the first win for the New York Jets since 2019 they managed to allow the Raiders to score with five seconds remaining and walk away with the W. Darnold’s reaction was timeless, “It is what it is.” The loss was not Sam Darnold’s fault. He had his best game of the season with a 40% completion rate and two touchdowns bringing his total up to five and only three turnovers. The loss was really due to a bad call by Williams and his risky highly criticized play calls. Late Sunday night Williams received a call from Gase informing him that he had been sacked. Shocker, come on everyone know that was coming just ask Jamal.

The Jets were not the only ones with a heartbreaking loss last Sunday. The Seahawk’s loss to the Gants still has everyone asking themselves, “What just happened?” What do the quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seahawks need to do to turn the magic back on?

Wilson needs his confidence back and to stop overthinking. The Seattle Defense has finally turned a corner, they just need the offense to get back to scoring an average of 30 points a game and it will all come together for the playoffs. Wilson said that the offense isn’t “crazy off track. It’s us being really sharp, us being detailed, executing and us believing in who we are.” during Monday’s press conference.

The Jets defense is currently rated #32 and gives up an average of 322 yards a game so expect RB Chris Carson to be let loose. Offensive tackle Brandon Shell is expected to return along with cornerback Quinton Dunbar who could be active to start opposite Shaquill Griffin Sunday. Shell and Dunbar may be the two missing pieces to the Seahawks offensive jigsaw puzzle. The Seahawks defense needs to keep the center of the field closed, let’s face it Darnold can only throw straight down the line.

Shell and Adams who are both former plays for the Jets and have extra motivation will need to keep their emotions in check. Head Coach Pete Carroll stated during his Monday press conference ” I think the first thing is to acknowledge that its a big deal and then to realize that you don’t want to let that factor into your ability to focus and concentrate and do your job and all that.”

The key to redemption Sunday is controlled emotions, executing, and believing in who we are. I believe!

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