Goldberg Wants Roman Reigns

The WWE Hall of Famer and former Universal Champion Goldberg made it known during an appearance on WWE’s The Bump program that he wants to face “ The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns in a match for the Universal Championship. Goldberg said he still has some unfinished business with Reigns after their match at WrestleMania 36 was canceled. Goldberg claimed Roman backed out on him at WrestleMania. He also went on to explain how “ The Big Dog” Reigns stole his move the spear. Goldberg would take more shots at the Universal Champion by stating he is only performing at a subpar level. Goldberg continued by saying, I’m the dude that delivers the spear and I don’t think he understands what it’s like until I deliver one to him. The WCW and WWE legend made it clear that he is coming for Reigns. 

As of right now neither Roman or his special counsel Paul Herman have responded to Goldberg’s challenge yet. Goldberg has made an attempt at a feud with Reigns before. He even went as far to call Roman a joke, Goldberg had made the statement to American Monster Productions. It seemed Goldberg did not take kindly to comments from “The Head of the Table.” when he criticized Goldberg headbutting the doors before he came out to the ring. Goldberg said it’s part of getting hyped up for his character.

Goldberg has been very open about having more dates on his contract where he can still wrestle with WWE. Since we did not get the opportunity to actually see a Reigns vs. Goldberg match back at WrestleMania. Looks as though the company is going that direction by having Goldberg appear on one of their shows and publicly call out Roman Reigns. Setting up a possible match for the Universal Title. So Roman, you’re next for Goldberg, the question becomes when will the match happen and on what pay-per-view. 

Reasons why this still works, it all comes down to both men. Roman, to me, can carry the match longer whereas Goldberg has only had a career of short squash matches. Not saying he can’t go longer if he needs too, but given the circumstances I don’t know how else you would go about it. The booking for the bout will be interesting to say the least and Goldberg against Reigns has the potential of being a good matchup. I think based on Goldberg wanting to face Reigns being on a show like The Bump, it’s going to happen sooner or later. 

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