WWE | Will Sasha & Bayley Reunite?

It appears we might see the Golden Role Models reunite in WWE. The WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks seems to think so. During an interview with Charlotte Wilder of Fox Sports, the Boss had been able to reflect on her incredible achievements in the ring by not only being one half of the WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champions with Bayley but also Banks would win the Raw Women’s Title from Asuka and go on to defeat Bayley to become the Women’s Champion for the blue brand on Friday nights, and it all occurred this year. 

Who as wrestling fans did not love the rivalry with Asuka? Also her and Bayley had a historic rivalry dating back to their time in NXT. The two were also the best of friends at one time before their feud on Smackdown. Banks also landed a role to appear in the popular TV series The Mandalorian. In an interview which is titled, The Year of Sasha Banks As Told By The Boss, it takes you through all of Sasha’s big accomplishments in 2020. 

Perhaps one of the most shocking heel turns came when Bayley viciously turned on her best friend Banks and brutally attacked her on what shaped up to be a monumental episode of Smackdown. This particular show aired on Friday September 4th, 2020. The Boss responded to the incident saying she was actually “proud of Bayley” because Bayley had been her best friend. Banks continued by saying Bayley was seeking the spotlight rather than only being her sidekick. 

Sasha recalled her and Bayley facing the opposing team of Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler and she injured her knee during the match. Bayley told Banks this “girl do you want to stand up?” The Boss was in pain and the next thing that happened Bayley kicked her right in the face.

She noticed Bayley had been acting very different towards Sasha. Her longtime friend of eight years wanted the spotlight. Later on in the interview Sasha was asked the question of possible Golden Role Models reunion. Banks believes with WWE anything can happen. She said they can still be best friends as soon as tomorrow – even married. Sasha alluded to if WWE does decide to put her and Bayley back together maybe in 2021. Sasha made it clear that she and Bayley don’t even talk anymore. 

I think the WWE Universe still could see another feud between Bayley and Sasha Banks. Their chemistry in the ring, and don’t forget the storytelling both ladies can execute in their match. We have already seen just how great Bayley versus Sasha is. I’m all for witnessing another classic by the two ladies. Also a Golden Role Models reunion can still work. They were incredible as a tag-team. For WWE you can return and visit these past storylines that have proven successful from just this year and the past. The company’s creative booking can add new twists to Banks and Bayley’s story. 

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