Impact Results | 12.08.20

This is the most anticipated episode of IMPACT wrestling in years due to an appearance by AEW champion Kenny Omega. Don Callis announced the appearance immediately after Kenny won the AEW championship last Wednesday. Will this episode live up to the hype? Find out in our Impact Results.

1) Chris Sabin (w/ Alex Shelley) def Josh Alexander (w/ Ethan Page)

This was certainly a well-wrestled match. Alexander was in control but took some bad advice from Ethan Page. This resulted in a roll-up win for Saban. 

Moose & Chris Bey Backstage 

Chris Bey wanted to talk strategy with his partner in tonight’s main event but Moose wasn’t in the mood.

AEW Commercial 

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone appeared in a spot purchased by AEW. It was great largely because Tony Khan is hilarious.

2) Brian Myers def. TJP

TJP had control for much of this match because he combined high flying and technical styles. However, he was beaten by a well-placed lariat by Myers.

TJP Aftermath

In a backstage segment, Rohit Raju berated TJP due to his loss tonight. It seemed like TJP had something planned because of the way he wished Raju good luck at Final Resolution. 

3) Eric Young (w/ Joe Doering) def Cody Deaner (w/ Cousin Jake)

Cody Deaner asked Jake Something not to interfere in the match because he wanted to prove himself. What little momentum Deaner had evaporated due to coming up empty on a top rope splash. Young hit his piledriver and won as a result. Doering and Young assaulted the Deaners after the match but Rhino came to the rescue.

Tommy Dreamer Backstage 

Tommy Dreamer set up a match with Larry D. He also expressed his concerns about the AEW crossover to Scott D’Amore.

4) Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary def Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee

Purrazzo accidentally kicked Lee in the face. This resulted in Rosemary pinning Lee and sending her team into the knockout tag tournament semifinals.

Tenille Dashwood & Friends Backstage 

There was a little drama backstage because Alisha Edwards didn’t have time for Tenille Dashwood.

Sami Callihan Promo 

Sami Callihan cut a promo about how he put IMPACT on the map. However, he was interrupted by Alisha Edwards and was attacked by Eddie Edwards.

5) Chris Bey and Moose def Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Moose looked dominant in this match. He not only beat up his opponents but also used his teammate as a weapon. In the end, Moose pummeled Mack and Bey was able to slide in for the cleanup pin. 

Rich Swann Not on the List

The AEW champion big timed the IMPACT champion. Rich Swann couldn’t exit through the parking lot because it was sectioned off for Kenny’s bus. 

Josh Mathews Interviews Kenny Omega with Don Callis

Mathews didn’t get much time because Callis took over the interview immediately. Callis described his history with Omega and also told us this has been a plan two decades in the making. Kenny gave a morally ambiguous reason for cheating against Moxley. Omega implied that he might want some IMPACT gold to go with his collection. He also implied that he’d arrive by helicopter to AEW Dynamite tomorrow night. 

I thought that was a little underwhelming but they have lots of time to develop this story. So, I’ll stay patient. What did you think? That’s all for your Impact 12/8/20 results but stay tuned to The Buzz for your wrestling news. 

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