WWE Keeps Reinventing Themselves

Many have asked the question how Vince McMahon and the WWE do it, reinvent themselves? 

Considering a current pandemic has affected all forms of sports and the entire entertainment industry, professional wrestling is no different. Like with anything, the thing missing is the live crowds. However that did not stop one Vincent Kennedy McMahon and his sports-entertainment empire of the WWE. He along with everyone involved in production always seems to find a way to create something out of nothing. The idea and concept of the “ThunderDome” is proof of just how determined McMahon and his staff are at providing and giving back to their audience watching all around the globe.

McMahon has had several years of building such an all-star ensemble of some of the best producers in all of modern-day television with the likes of Kevin Dunn. They have made an impressive duo in creating their vision of professional wrestling that we see on Monday night’s on Raw on USA and Friday Night Smackdown on Fox. Using groundbreaking technology and techniques to provide the viewers at home with the best possible solution to getting a fan experience inside the state of the art interactive virtual “ThunderDome.” 

It speaks to the mind of Vince and his team at WWE. The company has long been known to have the best production values of any wrestling or entertainment organization. Many can even draw comparisons to the NFL, NBA, and MLB maybe even better on a higher level. Look at what WWE has already accomplished within the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida and now with the big news of them moving the “ThunderDome” to Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg , Florida. WWE wasted no time constructing and getting in preparation at another opportunity to produce, create more television for their brand. 

Many within not just the WWE Universe but wrestling fans in general may criticize and disagree with McMahon’s vision along with methods in philosophy to how to approach wrestling in modern-times. There’s one thing about Vince which remains consistent: he is going to find a way to give back to the fans and provide the best show possible. Now with that being said, I know that is subject to debate depending on your viewpoint of the business, also when one is referring to a certain show.

Ever since going back to the first WrestleMania, McMahon became a pioneer for not just his version of wrestling also for how he wanted the TV to look and be presented. Regardless a lot of credit belongs to the Chairman and the WWE as a whole for everybody reinventing themselves not only on screen but behind-the-scenes as well. Amazing accomplishment to be able to pull-off. If anybody can with the resources they have that’s the WWE. Which by the way they have already been doing with the current format for their shows. 

We often hear McMahon is out of touch? But if one really thinks about it could it be that WWE’s “ThunderDome” proves that theory wrong. Trust me from the outside looking in the perception would seem he’s getting old and does not have a clue. When it comes down to it with Vince being the top guy on the inside, he indeed has his finger on the pulse of what his audience needs and more importantly wants. 

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