The Challenge Double Agents | the Return of the Red Skull

The Challenge: Double Agents (finally) released the Super Trailer and just as expected the new season promises to be one of the best yet. Filmed in Iceland, which frankly could have been made for The Challenge, the new trailer shows death defying athletic challenges as well as some anxiety inducing dramatics between cast members.

The trailer opens with Big T looking mighty scared as she is about to jump out of a plane, and who can blame her really. The scene shot from inside that plane looking down on what I assume is the Icelandic tundra truly makes the blood rush to ones head. She is flung out of the plane and we cut to TJ Lavin purposefully walking amongst Icelandic scenery with T’s voiceover stating once again, that no one can be trusted. Josh also chimes in but then we cut to TJ, looking cool as a cucumber, wearing a peacoat of all things as some kind of firebomb explodes behind him. Typical TJ stuff.

The cast continues to discuss trust, or lack there of, as we get to see the worried faces of some of our favorite challengers. Leroy, Nany, Fessy, Tori, Aneesa, Wes, and none other than Killer Kam herself are all dressed up in their Challenge finest as flames bustle beneath their faces. We are welcomed by TJ who appears to be bursting with the secrets of the season. We see people cheering at what looks to be an elimination, CT chewing with some kind of stringy something hanging out of his mouth, and a lone Challenger running across a vast plain. Nothing really ground breaking here, but it is nice to know there is an eating challenge on this season. That really tends to weed out the weak and make for good television.

Now we know it is going to be a partner game thanks to MTV dangling some details here and there but we do not know yet who is partnered. We do see newbie Nam Vo holding onto Nany as she dangles over a cliff then shouts “NOOOO” as he lets her go and she swings into the great beyond. Perhaps they work together which frankly would be good for Nam as no one knows this game better than a seasoned vet such as Nany. This leaves me with many questions though. How are they paired? Are the rumors that partners can be stolen true? Are the vets ushering the newbies through the process? Is that how rookies can stay in the game for more than 5 minutes? I could continue, but let’s move on.

As someone who has been to Iceland, I totally geeked out as I saw various natural tourist attractions flash across the screen. Gullfoss Falls, various hot springs, glaciers, Black Sand Beach, and my personal favorite, famed Thrihnukagigur Volcano. This is the only volcano in the world that tourists can actually go inside due to it being inactive for years, however you get lowered into it by a painters lift, which is wildly terrifying even for those not at all afraid of heights. We also see Challengers swimming through Site Silfra which offers the opportunity to swim between two continents as one travels between two tectonic plates. The athletic challenges look top notch this season and with a cast filled with elite athletes, we will for sure be impressed.

As we move on to possible dramatics, we get to hear Aneesa announce this is her season to win and she is tired of the same old winners bringing it home season after season. A personal fan of Aneesa’s I would love to see her bring home a W, but she will need to perform better than she has in recent seasons. We see Josh running his mouth to Fessy, which let’s be real, is all he is good at. I am taken aback with the realization that Josh and Fessy appear to be the same height. You go Josh! Fessy is a real contender in this game based partially on his size but Josh seems to do more running of his mouth than actual miles. Trying to get in peoples heads that way can work, however you really need the athletic skill as well to take the win. CT and Leroy seem to be watching this yelling match thoroughly entertained which really makes me think Josh is still not performing well on this season.

The game play appears to be top notch as we see Teresa crying possibly about her ex Wes being on this season while Jay awkwardly tries to comfort her by patting her back. Wes appears unbothered, and why would he care? Their relationship was featured on Fresh Meat II which was back in 2010 and he is now reportedly happily married to someone else. Wes is then pictured surrounded by a group of rookies, no doubt working his usual magic to stay in the game through politicking. He has said before he prefers to politic his way through the game as he feels the best way to stay in the game is not go to an elimination at all. However, he also admits he has only been successful at that game play in one season…so far. Tori drops some knowledge on Cory and Fessy who seem to be working together, that they will be put against each other. I don’t even know what they are talking about but I could have told them that. It is just smart game play to break up alliances, particularly when they are made up of strong seasoned players.

TJ pops back in to tell us about the return of the red skull from last season, however announces, you guessed it, there is a twist! If you recall, in order to qualify to compete in the final, one has to earn their red skull by winning a head to head elimination, sending another competitor home. TJ tells us only 10 skulls are available this season like that is some kind of shock, but if I remember correctly, only 9 people even earned their red skulls by the final last season so I am hoping there is a bigger shock to come. We do hear Tori calling for a medic as Kyle is presumably throwing up blood, see people running on top of trucks, and I believe we can see Fessy going up against Nelson in Hall Brawl I don’t know about you but the excitement is literally making my skin tingle right now.

Speaking of making skin tingle, the hook ups are already looking wild. Fessy and fitness expert Gabby Allen appear to have something special going, everyone seems interested in Nam’s body, and then there is Amber Martinez from Are You the One: Come One Come All.  Cory better watch out because she may just be the new Mr steal-your-girl of the season.  She first is seen hooking up with Mechie Harris, and then later in a club with Aneesa. Good for you girl, its certainly a proven way to stay in the game. Alternatively, it looks like at least one person will be sent home for fighting so any way you slice it the drama will be HOT.

The final quote of the trailer is typically gifted by one Mr Johnny Bananas but this season is provided by Devin Walker–Molaghan. “It’s a secret agent game, it’s a rogue agent game, it’s a double agent game, let the games begin.”  Devin is a smart guy and with Bananas not on this season, he had to know that was a quote that would get him some screen time. I’ve always rooted for Devin and I hope him chatting with CT in that scene means they will be working together this season. Strong social game plus athletic ability PLUS intelligence? What more could a double agent need?

I absolutely can not wait to see what develops on Wednesday night when the premier hits our television screens on MTV at 8pm EST. The lies, shadiness, and betrayals will keep us warm this winter as we stay safe, sit in our homes, and watch what has been described as “being in the middle of a war.” Keep it here with The Buzz so we can figure out together what the buzz will be happening on this season of The Challenge. 

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