Climacterics by the Seahawks

More late-game climacterics took place at Lumen Field yesterday that only ended in an aggravating loss for the Seahawks to the Giants 17-12.  Set the stage with a 1:48 left on the clock and 80 yards left needed for the Seahawks to pull out the win. This is not an abnormal scenario for Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson, but for the first time this season Wilson and the team just didn’t make the magic happen and were unable to pull off the win at home. The Giants defense made life difficult yesterday for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense without a doubt. They held the Seahawks to 327 yards and a season-low point total and were able to sack Russell Wilson five times through out the game. 

Seattle’s offense started the game moving the ball with a possession that ended in Jason Myers’ 27th straight field goal. Then the struggle began for the offense to sustain drives, turning the ball over twice and punting five times. It was not until the fourth quarter before they were able to put together a 77 yard touchdown drive. Overall it was just a tough day for the offense and unexpected. 

Seattle’s defense had their best performance of the season during Monday’s win over the Eagles and for the first half it looked like they were picking up right where they left off. During the second half, the Giants were able to gain the lead with their running game. Honestly, something that has not happened much this season against a very strong Seahawks run defense. Who knew that Wayne Gallman Jr. was going to do most of the damage rushing for 135 yards on 16 carries to set up the Giants first score of the game? They did hold the Giants to 290 yards and 13 first downs and then forced a punt to give the offense the chance to win the game. 

Here is where the climacteric began! Dee Jay Dallas gained six yards. A catch by Metcalf to his own 39 for a first down. Wilson scrambled to gain seven. Hold your breath because there is 1:15 to go. Wilson hit Hollister taking him into the Giants territory. Down to 1:04 and the Seahawks called timeout. Jordan Love DROPPED an interception, say a little prayer for that one because that would have been game over. Lockett got sandwiched and the pass fell incomplete. What happens next? Wilson was taken down with the fifth sack of the game made by Leonard Williams. Another timeout and it was 4th and forever for the Seahawks. A timeout by the Giants. Come on Russell lets cook something up! Didn’t happen. Pass was deflected and incomplete. No flags and game over. You could hear every 12th man scream adult words and throw something at the TV. Ok, maybe that was me?

The upset loss to the Giants backup quarterback Colt McCoy is just a hard pill to swallow for not just the Seahawks but for the fans too. Sunday was supposed to be the start of the easier part of the season. Wilson and the boys had this handled so we thought. In true Seattle fashion, if we think they have it handled and what should be a win the Seahawks show up on the struggle bus. Yesterday was definitely a struggle and looked terrible every step of the way. With the Los Angles Rams winning over the Arizona Cardinals, Seattle drops to 2nd in the NFC West. Meanwhile in the NFC East the Giants are in the lead and might actually make the playoffs.

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