Believe You Me…the best MMA Podcast

Every week when I go into my job (landscaper), I always have two days I look forward to, and that’s the days Michael Bisping and Louis J Gomez’s podcast premieres on YouTube. It’s usually two of the most entertaining days of my week, there’s comedy, there’s really good MMA coverage, and an overall tops show.

And I would say the best part of the show is the fact that the two offset each other. Everyone knows Bisping is a UFC Hall of Famer and former UFC Middleweight Champion, so as far as fighting IQ and being able to break down the actual fights before they happen he’s perfect. But if you had never heard of “The Count” as a fighter and were just tuning into the show, you would honestly not be able to tell the difference between which one was the comedian and which one was the fighter. Bisping is so funny, with his hilarious imitations and overall trash talk, you can tell he generally doesn’t care who he pisses off. Not only with his joking, but with his breakdowns. And Louis wasn’t the only one who noticed his fight IQ, as Bisping has also been a staple on the UFC’s analyst roster as well.

Vice versa, if you were to hear Louis J break down a fight, you can tell this guy is a huge fight fan, and has even had his own MMA fight and was victorious with an MMA record of 1-0. He also had an upcoming fight with Jason Ellis but the latest news is Ellis was having heart problems and the fight is more than likely postponed for the time period. I actually saw that on Gomez’ fight journal that he posts on YouTube. Both men coming together was probably the best “buddy cop movie” pairing that we’ve seen in a longtime. And what I feel sets these two guys apart from Ariel and DC, or goodness forbid Josh Thompson and Big Jon McCarthy, is while the aforementioned shows do have good coverage, that’s where it ends.

DC and Ariel gives it a try, it just comes off extremely forced and dry, and the “weighing in” podcast just seems to focus strictly on promoting Bellator and taking cheap shots every chance they get. Their version of humor is usually Josh Thompson listening for his producers to fart in the microphones…Bisping and Gomez seem to check all boxes. They usually have guest appearances from fighters like Darren Till, and UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic, just to name a few. They talk about news topics, MMA, boxing and overall just hilarious conversation.

Michael Bisping and Louis J. Gomez are the Undisputed Champs of the MMA podcast world!!

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