Top 10 Leafs Tilts

As we await the start of the 2020-21 NHL season, I find myself reminiscing and watching old highlights. When it comes to highlight reels, there are always goals to watch – but for me, nothing beats a good old fashioned donnybrook!

I could probably make this list with just Clark v Probert – but I put effort into this as there are some memorable ones that just cannot be over-looked. So without further ado – and in no particular order – let’s get ready to rumbllllllllllllllle!

Colton Orr vs Matt Carkner | Orr wins by TKO

These two fought 3 times that season with both having won a fight each and then Orr settled it with a knee-buckling punch that had Carkner surrender with his hands in the air as he dropped to the ice!

Frazer McLaren vs Dave Dziurzynsky | McLaren wins by TKO

You never like to see anyone get hurt, but my goodness was this a knockout if I ever saw one. Respect to McLaren for not gloating after this tilly!

Frazer McLaren vs Matt Kassian| McLaren wins by KO

I had to add this one is as it was Kassian answering back to McLaren knocking out Dziurzynsky (above).. and he didn’t fair too well either. Loved McLaren’s belt motion as he skates over to the box!

Colton Orr vs John Scott | Orr wins by KO

This was quite the heavy-weight bout as Scott is 6’8, 270lb and Colton Orr looked so small in comparison. However, don’t blink as the two exchanged right blows in the corner that saw Scott drop to his knees.

Tie Domi vs Darryl Sydor.. and Grant Ledyard | Domi double fists

This was a funny one, with Sydor and Ledyard trying to corner Domi away from the crowd, Domi quickly throws a few double punches at the unsuspecting Stars players.

Wendel Clark vs Marty McSorley | Clark to the rescue!

McSorely would have faced a definite suspension in today’s NHL after throwing that vicious elbow to Gilmour (and not to mention dragging that leg to connect with Gilmour’s knee as well). But Clark took no exception to it and just went after Marty as Gilmour made his way to the bench to have a few words with Gretzky!

Wendel Clark vs Bob Probert | A Clash Of Giants

I swear I saw Probert just take 2-3 punches right to the jaw and they looked like they didn’t even stun him. These two danced almost every time they played against one another. Bob Probert had a stone face!

Wendel Clark vs Mike Peluso | Clark wins by KO

This was a beauty! After knocking Peluso down with the first punch, Clark threw three devastating hooks that didn’t connect when Peluso was on the ground. If Clark had connected with every punch he threw, Peluso would probably have been stretchered off the ice.

Colton Orr vs Deryk Engelland | Toe-to-Toe

I now realize why the Leafs led the league in fighting majors that year as Colton Orr, Mike Brown, Frazer McLaren, and Mark Fraser were in the Top 10 during the 2012-13 regular season!

Felix Potvin vs Ron Hextall | Potvin wins by KO

Left my favorite one for the end. I remember watching this one as a kid. When Hextall came roaring down the ice – I just about covered my eyes as I thought Potvin would be destroyed. But as the two of them threw blows at one another, Potvin sure held his own!

Here it is again with Joe Bowen calling the fight – SO much better!

The Aftermath…

Honorable Mentions

This wasn’t a fight but it was a MUST-share because of how devastating of a hit it was. I will never forget the sound of this hit and then watching Kapanen try to find his way back to the bench. This literally looked and sounded like a collision with an 18-wheeler.

Wade Belak vs Cam Janssen | A Long Dance… (RIP Wade)

This dance went on for a while as these two threw some haymakers!

Gary Roberts vs Randy McKay | Roberts serves up the fisticuffs!

Just Because…

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